Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Baltimore Museum

    The three paintings that were amoung my favorite were from one artist, Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was an American artist who lived in 1928 - 1987. The three paintings of his that I enjoyed most were;
Physiological Diagram. created in 1984-1985 

Skull. created in 1976

And the third painting, which is my favorite, is Oxidation Painting. Created in 1978

 I enjoyed this piece the most because of the optical illusion it has. It looks like the green oval center is behind or further back then the rest of the painting which is an orange rust color. The appearance adds a dimension to the painting. Initially from far back I thought there was a layered effect like a canvas on top of another canvas, and it wasn't until I got close up to the painting that I realized that Warhol created this illusion through paint alone. A few times I went up close to the painting and then took a couple steps back and then walked closer to the painting again to try to see how far away I had to be for the illusion to be in effect. The only thing I did not so much enjoy about this painting is that apparently to get this oxidized effect, Warhol and his assistants and studio visitors peed on canvases with metallic paint already on them.

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